How to Fix ‘Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged’ In Windows 10

Windows is the biggest and most popular operating system in the globe. Almost 80% computers are running Windows and the Microsoft company was founded by Bill Gates which was the richest person in the entire world. Windows App Store is the great feature launched in the latest version of Windows 8/8.1 and 10. Windows App Store Provide us thousands of useful software and games for free. Even it has the huge collection of premium apps and games too.

All we need to do is; just sign up a new account with Microsoft and login in Windows 8 or later version. But many times we face some difficulty as well while installing the apps from the Windows App Store. In some case, we run Windows Troubleshooter to rectify the problems and fix it. Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged is a very common error that we get while running Windows App Troubleshooter but in most of the cases we don’t have any ideas about how to fix it?

So, what is the next option? Google… Off curse, we head over to the Google for finding the solution. So, here I am providing the step-by-step guide to fixing Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged error while updating or installing any Apps and Games from the Windows App store.

Please read this guide carefully and take action accordingly because any wrong step may lead to big trouble. So please pay attention to the article and follow as mentioned below. After taking this steps you won’t face Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged error anymore on your PC.

Fix Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Error


Steps to fix Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged In Windows 10-

Step- 1: Open Run Box-


Initial open Run Box by pressing Windows+R together.

Step- 2: C:\Windows\System32-

Type C:\Windows\System32 in the run box and hit ENTER.

Step- 3: Run WSReset.exe as Administrator-


Find WSReset.exe file and run it as Administrator. You can run as Administrator by right clicking on the Application file.

Step- 4: Click YES-


When a new window is prompt asking YES or NO, Please click on YES to reset the Windows App store.

That’s it! You’ll not face Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged error anymore on your PC.

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